“Liz and Nina were going up against some of the most intractable and inflexible thinking that exists in our society—demanding that we profoundly rethink what girls need to truly engage in their education. They took that vision and created the infrastructure to make dynamic, mind-body, substantive, educationally sound schools. Not only did they have the vision, they had the ability to make that vision a reality.”


“Imagine going to a school where everyone does circuits or yoga or runs every day, and not just the students, the teachers and administrators too. A school where there are movement breaks for the brain and body and kick-ass music as bells in between classes. Where girls learn and own responsible action through inquiry rather than rules demanded of them. GALS Inc. really is quite magical.”


We move.
An active lifestyle is imperative for the health and well-being of all girls and women on every level. The lessons derived from physical activity are intellectual, social, relational, and purely physical.  Movement lowers the risk of heart disease, certain cancers, diabetes, osteoporosis, and Alzheimer’s disease.
We feel.
At GALS Inc., we believe in extraordinary lives. Research shows that students who participate in continuous and competitive movement are more likely to graduate high school, work in male-dominated industries, and earn higher salaries. At GALS Inc., all students are directly connected to their individual power, flexibility, focus, and balance via a connected community of peers and teachers.
We push.
We believe empowering girls is not simply about their individual confidence and success — it also makes a better nation and world. At GALS Inc., we utilize a gender-based learning pedagogy in our schools, where girls can access their full potential, take risks, and love themselves while doing so. We encourage girls to challenge themselves intellectually, physically, and creatively. The GALS environment empowers girls to embrace the pursuit of self-development and growth.
We celebrate.
The research is undeniable: the mind and the body are connected. GALS Inc. integrates academics and athletics in a healthy, competitive environment. Emphasis on movement all day, every day, seamlessly integrated into core academics, improves our students’ memory, attention, and cognition, allowing them to fulfill their potential as learners.
Only 8% of the top 100 grossing films of 2017 were directed by women.

94% of businesswomen in C-suite positions played sports growing up.

Girls who attend girls’ schools overcome gender stereotypes.

With every increase of 10% in girls going to school, a country’s GDP rises by 3%.

GALS is the idyllic manifestation of Title IX.

Women entrepreneurs are outperforming male counterparts with less capital.

Diversity boosts creativity, reasoning, and social skills.
Gender discrimination costs the global economy up to $26 trillion annually.

Our Team

Liz Wolfson serves as the Chief Visionary Officer of GALS Inc., expanding the GALS model around the nation. As an organization, we define the how-to of leadership by creating gender-based schools around the country that teach whole-bodied education. Our team is dedicated to tailoring our model for the needs of individual communities.

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Our Founders
With four schools across Denver and Los Angeles and more in planning phases around the country, the visionary founders of the GALS Inc. way, Liz Wolfson and Nina Safane are a dynamic pair who get things done.
Twenty years apart in age, both grew up in small towns in New Jersey. Both were decorated high school athletes who went on to play competitively in college. Both graduated from Brown University where they captained their respective teams. 
When they met in 2008, they bonded over the belief that the educational opportunities for girls in America were insufficient to match the reality of growing up in today’s world  therefore the potential of girls was grossly untapped. With absolutely no experience as educators and complete ignorance about the political turmoil of public education, they decided to create a game-changing educational model focused on positive gender identity and integrated movement.