Opening the Discussion

GALS Inc. is about using education as the methodology for implementing a worldview based on movement, feminism, diversity, and social-emotional wellness. The members of our community contribute to a blog, exploring the GALS model and its impact on daily life. We are thought leaders in the discussion about gender equity, civil discourse, and public education.

GALS uses modern research about the link between movement and cognitive achievement, the importance of diversity, and the impact of single-gender education as the basis of our pedagogy and approach in our schools. As an education organization, we aim to assess, learn, and continually refine our practices based on discoveries and human needs. There is a list of some of our resources below the blog.

GALS to Women on International Women’s Day

Whole-Bodied and gendered education are the core strategies that we as GALS, Inc. are using to grow the next generation of leaders into strong, self-assured, emotionally healthy people. It's no small task, but we do this work because we believe it's vitally important....

We need more unicorns

We Need More Unicorns an interview with Dhyia Thompson-Phillips by Caity Henderson Dhyia Thompson-Phillips models flexibility, one of the four habits of heart and mind at GALS Inc. She’s adaptable, having significant career wins in the nonprofit, corporate and public...

Running the Mile

By Iriam, 12th grader at GALS Denver High School Running a mile for the first time is hard. Some people finish faster. They run on a flat track, with the end in plain sight. Others have obstacles in their way, and it is up to them to figure out how to get to the...

Coaching Community

by Kerrissa Heffernan In addition to my years of work in the field of community based learning, I coached a Division 1 women’s rugby team for over 15 years. Four days a week I would rush from my classroom at Brown University, changing my clothes and my pedagogical...

My Last Year at GALS

by Nina Safane This year will be my last year at the Girls Athletic Leadership School. Friends, family, parents, students, mentors, and coworkers all have the same question: “why are you leaving?” In many ways, the thought of moving on leaves me speechless. But I...

I am here. Hear me.

An Interview with Saira Rao By Catherine Henderson Saira Rao describes herself as a “wall-street lawyer turned novelist,” a title that immediately leaves room for a story. Raised in Richmond and educated at the University of Virginia, Saira “did everything right.” She...

How I Found My Home at GALS

by Jenn Green, GALS Series Teacher at GALS Denver I was standing outside the tool shed at the Santa Fe Trail Museum with a wheelbarrow full of weeds when my phone rang.  I pulled my gloves off and ducked into the shade to answer.  It was Liz Wolfson, from the Girls...


by Liz Wolfson I like to speak in public. It is a skill and a joy I inherited from my father who is a great orator. I grew up the fourth and final child reared on a backyard, homemade, concrete basketball court that is now a grassy plot. I envision using this court to...

Thought Papers

Why Movement?

At GALS, we know the impact of physical activity on academics. Beyond the joy, energy, and confidence our students gain from movement, research demonstrates that daily exercise improves memory, attention, and cognition. Sports participation also boosts self-esteem and civic engagement. Movement prepares our students to live long, fulfilled lives.

Why Competition?

Our vision of competition combines movement, girls, and diversity. We are going against trends in club sports to ensure every student experiences the benefits of competition. Competition is a feminist value: it teaches collaboration, grit, and confidence in young women. At GALS Inc., competition makes our students agents of change.

Why Diversity?

Ideas originating from a diverse group are stronger than those from an echo chamber. While many people reside comfortably in homogenous communities, we want more for our students. By fostering diversity at GALS, we improve our students’ communication skills, creativity, and reasoning and prepare them for an evolving world.

Why Girls?

Though women have made significant strides, we are far from a world free of gender stereotypes. Women still struggle to achieve financial independence, political power, and basic safety. GALS is about creating space for young women to become themselves and better navigate a world filled with gender inequity.