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At GALS Inc., movement combined with feminism and diversity helps a girl become the most confident, most engaged version of herself. GALS Schools create an environment that fosters a young woman’s ability to impact the world around her, whatever she chooses to do.

Please help us continue to develop GALS schools that produce outstanding young women. Your donation would help us with our critical projects:

  • The development of our school start-up fund
  • The codification of the GALS Inc. curriculum for use in our schools and distribution to partner organizations
  • The codification of our professional training for our developing schools and select audiences
  • The development of a public relations platform

GALS Inc. is committed to creating extraordinary lives and preparing a generation of well-educated, motivated leaders. GALS girls represent all facets of the community from the most privileged to the most challenged. GALS Inc. is a game-changing school environment.

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