GALS High School Denver

We are the GALS Generation!

Opened in 2014, GALS Denver High School serves grades 9-12. This school year, the pioneering class of 2018 will graduate!

GALS High School Denver

750 Galapago St.
Denver, CO 80204


Total enrollment

Full time staff

GALS Denver High School Leadership

Carol Bowar

Executive Director


Carrie Donovan

Head of High School


Sara Shapiro

Assistant Principle and 11th grade US History Teacher, 4 Years at GALS


  • BA in Political Science from Washington University St. Louis
  • MA in Education from University of Colorado Denver

What do you love about teaching at GALS?

I love teaching at GALS because the staff, parents, and students are some of the kindest, smartest, and funniest people in the world, and I get to spend my days with them! I cannot wait to see how all of the GALS will positively impact those around them throughout their lives!

How has teaching at GALS impacted you?

Teaching at GALS has impacted me because it has allowed me to align my actions to my values and be my most authentic self. I have been able to teach true critical thinking and really consider what it means to be a well rounded person, both for myself and for my students.

Leah Bock

Assistant Principle and High School Math Teacher, 4 years at GALS


  • BA Luther College, Mathematics and Gender Studies
  • MA University of Colorado Boulder, Educational Equity and Cultural Diversity

What do you love about teaching at GALS?

The students! GALS students are silly, brilliant, empathetic, and imaginative. I also love that I get to go running during the day and teach classes covered in sweat.

How has teaching at GALS impacted you?

GALS has allowed me to become my fullest self, and I have learned alongside my students who I am, why I matter, and what matters to me. I’ve learned to use my voice when I need to, and I feel empowered to shift our world towards equity, justice, and kindness.

GALS Denver High School in Numbers


Students who believe that they will graduate


Students receiving free or reduced lunch


Minority students


Students who believe that their teachers think they are smart

GALS 10th Graders ranked

out of 47 Denver high schools on the PSAT

For students with an IEP, our math growth score was

times the district average