In Practice

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The GALS Inc. curriculum and pedagogy aims to help young women become lifelong learners and engaged citizens through self-expression and mind-body development. GALS Inc. uses diverse, research-based practices in active learning. GALS teachers focus on the seamless integration of academics and physical mastery in a healthy, competitive environment, optimizing students’ learning potential and boosting girls’ overall health and self-esteem.

GALS Inc. develops extraordinary lives! GALS is committed to preparing a generation of young women to become well-educated and motivated leaders who will contribute instrumentally to society, locally and globally. GALS’ girls are diverse. They represent all facets of the community from the most privileged to the most challenged — what bonds them is sisterhood.

GALS currently has three locations.  The first GALS opened in Denver, Colorado in 2010.  GALS Los Angeles, opened in the fall of 2016 and GALS Las Vegas, our newest school in development, opened in August 2020.

Student Voices

“GALS has definitely influenced who I am today! After leaving GALS and starting school in a coed environment, I was able to recognize the benefit of single gender classrooms. My bias, of course, is evident in my choice in college.” Shayla Bezjak

GALedictorian Class of 2011 at GALS Denver Middle School, Attending Smith College

“At GALS, students develop physical, cognitive, social, and emotional habits that set them up for lifelong health and well-being, as well as academic success in the near term. My GALS students are my role models. I have watched with delight as each of them has been uniquely transformed by their experience at this remarkable school. I am overcome with gratitude for GALS.” Margit Cox Henderson Ph.D.

Psychologist, Author, Speaker, Resiliency Resources ®, GALS Denver Founding Parent

“GALS is focused on developing leaders at all levels and builds a community that fosters the creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration skills that these young leaders will need for the future. Through the intentional design of experiences that support each student in discovering their own strengths, talents, and passion, GALS is succeeding with all students who walk through their doors.” Jane Shirley

VP of Leadership Initiatives, Catapult Leadership